Replace Your Old RV Skylights and Let the Sun Shine In! 

Skylights are an excellent way to let lovely natural light in, and they can brighten up your entire RVHowever, because they are exposed to the elements, they are susceptible to damage and should be maintained properly. 

Over time, your RV skylight can become clouded or cracked. Plus, its seals can wear out and cause leaks, which could result in considerable water damage. Therefore, you must act quickly if you start noticing that your skylights are deteriorating. Luckily, replacement RV skylights and parts are available to help you fix your problems before they turn into significant issues.                

How to Maintain RV Roof Skylights 

A skylight can be installed anywhere within your RV. However, the place you tend to see them the most is in your shower area, where they help provide additional light. Some RV skylights even open so you can let the fresh air in and quickly get ventilation when you want it. RV shower skylights (as well as those placed in other areas) require regular inspections and maintenance. 

Your skylight’s construction consists of both a cover and a dome. Each component requires specific maintenance and care. 

  • RV Skylight Cover – You should check your interior RV skylight cover often for any signs of deterioration. If you notice any cracks around the frame, it’s time for a replacement. Be sure to check around the cover’s screw holes, as this is where damage typically occursAdditionally, you must make sure your skylight cover remains clean and dry, especially if it is in your bathroom. This keeps harmful mold and mildew from forming.
  • RV Skylight Dome – Since your RV skylight dome is located on your roof, you should check it for damage a few times per yearOver time, breaking and cracks can occur, which can spell disaster if it rainsYou should also get in the habit of resealing the edges around your RV skylight dome at least once a year to combat leakageHowever, if your skylight dome is beyond repair, installing a replacement is simple. 

Choose All-Rite for Your RV Skylight Replacement  

RV skylights come in all shapes and sizes – which can make it difficult to find a replacement that fits properly. Your new RV skylight dome must cover the entire opening, and its flange should fit over your original screw holes too. It can be challenging to find a perfect match, especially if you have an older vehicle. Luckily, All-Rite Custom Manufacturing specializes in producing custom-made skylights to replace your damaged pieces.  

All-Rite’s skylights are constructed with high-quality acrylic, made to your exact shape and size requirements, and can be built within 48 hours! Plus, our skylight domes are mounted on aluminum frames and installed like a regular vent (unlike standard skylights). This method helps to prevent leaks and provides a more secure hold. 

Skylights are the perfect way to let a little sunshine into your vehicle. For more information about our replacement RV skylights, or to place your custom order, contact All-Rite Custom Manufacturing today!