Mobile Home Living – The Benefits & How to Customize Your Property

Mobile homes (also known as modular homes) are not RVs; rather, they’re prefabricated structures that are built in a factory, transported, and permanently placed at a specific location. These sites often exist within mobile home communities, alongside other similar properties.  

Modular homes are a great alternative to traditional stick homes for many reasons. Let’s break down a few of the main benefits of living in a mobile home, as well as how All-Rite Custom Manufacturing can help you customize and upgrade your living space. 

The Advantages of a Mobile Home 

While mobile homes are widely regarded as a non-traditional property, they offer many key benefits, including: 

  • Low Cost  One of the biggest draws of purchasing a mobile home is its lower cost, as it is a more affordable option than a traditional stick house. Mobile homes cost about 50 percent less per square foot than standard homes, and your monthly mortgage payment is typically much lower. Owning a mobile home can even be less expensive than renting in many areas.       
  • Better for the Environment  The construction process of mobile homes is significantly more environmentally-friendly than that of traditional properties. This is because mobile homes are built in factories and assembled onsite, reducing the need for daily deliveries of materials. And because the structure is built in a centralized location, all materials can be bulk ordered for that specific factory and leftovers can be reused for separate projects.  
  • Sense of Community  Another benefit of living in a mobile home is the sense of community you have within your neighborhood. Even though you have your own space (backyard, detached walls, driveway, etc.), you are still close enough to your neighbors to develop friendships. Many mobile home communities also offer group activities, social clubs, fitness centers, and more.  
  • Strict Building Codes to Ensure Quality – For mobile homes built after 1976, there are established requirements and quality standards that must be met to keep up to code. Today’s modular homes come designed with energy efficiency and wind safety based on the region in which you buy them. Plus, your mobile home’s plumbing, HVAC systems, structural systems, and transportation all have code requirements that must be followed as well. 

Update, Repair, and Personalize Your Mobile Home with All-Rite Custom Manufacturing 

Once you purchase your mobile home and are ready to start enjoying its many benefits, All-Rite can help you customize it to meet your needs. We offer a wide selection of replacement parts for mobile homes to help you fix or spruce up your living space, including:  

With the help of All-Rite Custom Manufacturing, you can customize your space to make it truly feel like home – and keep it looking brand-new for years to come. We have been producing high-quality RV and mobile home parts for over 40 years, making us one of the most trusted mobile home parts suppliers in the industry. 

For more information about our mobile home products or to place an order, contact us today.