February Means It’s Time to Check Your RV Seals and Vents 

February is one of the coldest months of the year, but there are some definite advantages when it comes to enjoying RV camping in the offseason. Campgrounds aren’t as crowded, there are fewer critters and bugs around, and the winter landscape is just beautiful. You can have a peaceful and relaxing winter camping experience as long as you take some necessary RV inspection precautions before heading out on your adventure. Checking your RV vents and seals before your trip can help ensure you keep cozy while on the road. 

What Kind of Seals and Vents Should You Check? 

Your RV has many places where cold drafts can sneak inside if its seals and vents are worn or damaged. Making sure you use RV sealant to stop air leaks from occurring helps retain heat and maintain a comfortable temperature while you are camping in the winter. Read on to learn more about where you should concentrate your RV sealer efforts before embarking on your journey.        

Windows – Inspect all of your RV’s window seals and make sure to re-caulk them if there are places that look worn. Consider installing curtains over your windows with thick fabrics and then securing them to the wall with Velcro to reduce air drafts. You can also try to preserve warmth by adding plastic films on the outside and inside of your windows to prevent cold air infiltration and heat loss from happening. If you feel that your windows aren’t doing an adequate job of keeping out the cold, you may want to invest in All-Rite’s custom insulated double-paned windows.       

Doors – RV doors tend to be poorly insulated. Applying weather-stripping around your RV’s door frame can help, as well as using thick fabric or blankets to cover the entire door (like you would for windows). All-Rite can also create custom-made doors specifically designed for your RV. Our doors come with a 1 ½” thick core to provide you with maximum heat conservation.        

Roof/Ceiling Vents – Make sure to thoroughly inspect your RV’s roof seams and apply RV roof sealant if there are areas that look damaged. Your RV’s skylights or roof vents are also ideal places for heat to escape. You do need RV ventilation to replace the humid air inside, but you can purchase custom made vent lids or insulation to seal the vents while they are not in use.      

Slide-Outs  In winter, snow and ice can accumulate on your slide-outs. The winter elements can put wear on your slide-out seals, keep your slide from retracting, and cause water damage. You can try spraying RV antifreeze on your gaskets, or if they are beyond repair, All-Rite offers replacement rubber seals and gaskets. 

Choose All-Rite for Custom-Made Products and Parts  

Your RV’s seals and vents need to be in good working order so that your wintertime trips are pleasant and comfortable. Therefore, if updating or replacing a part is necessary, All-Rite can help you. Our seals and gaskets, vents and lids, and other custom-made specialty products are ready within 48 hours. To learn more, contact us today